Rock bottom and hot

Rollercoaster ride today, just is. Pain from my back has worn me down mentally today and then trying the fight that mental side has been particularly hard this afternoon.
The kids are off to the accrobranche thing with Isa, for which they’ve been waiting for places to become free. Really wasn’t in the mood, which of course, as a parent made me feel guilty. I even got snappy with Rémy at lunchtime, because he doesn’t seem to want to have a go at speaking English. Both me and Isa have been very encouraging and I’ve been unusually patient. But he just doesn’t see what we are trying to get across (or doesn’t want to).
So with the heat, the last thing I wanted to do was to hobble about in 32C heat – even if much of the attraction is in the shade under trees.

So sitting here on my own still feeling guilty, not really helped by Isa, Emma and Rémy saying it doesn’t matter. It really is getting to the stage where they do stuff with their Maman and not so much with me. Despite the fact I’m always there back home while Isa is away at work.

Todays photo is of the river bank facing the house here in Brantôme. As the weather is hotter now, it is deemed safe to go down to the river. So the restaurant next door has been able to put its tables and chairs back there. So people can eat here, or on the cordoned off part of the car park in front of the restaurant itself.
Apparently in the floods earlier this year, they lost all their chairs and tables that were on the bank – as a storm swept them all away during the night.

Anyway, this now means that if Rémy & Emma want to go kayaking, they’ll have to walk further up the car park to find a place to cast off. Rather than just going in facing the house.

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