Heatwave slightly cooled…?

Woke up at 4am with a headache and dodgy tummy. Went back to sleep, woke around 8.30am. Felt well enough to have some breakfast but by lunchtime had a loss of appetite and just ate a small amount. No doubt down to the heat. I’m very British there…

Currently 31C… the promised 35C has been thwarted by a thunderstorm and just a small amount of rain so far… You can just see it on the river in my photo.

Back home the news hasn’t been brilliant. Isa’s Dad decided he wanted to go to the loo on his own. Something he hasn’t done in months. He promptly fainted. Luckily he didn’t fall and someone was there with him. The firemen and SAMU were called. So he is back in hospital for checks. Let’s hope he’ll be allowed home afterwards. 

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