Bourdeilles and sorting out photos…

Late afternoon yesterday we went over to a neighbouring village called Bourdeilles, about a 10 minute drive away.

The idea was for Rémy & Emma to go for a swim in the open air pool there, while me and Isa went for a walk.

Like 3 open air places we’ve seen locally, the pool was closed and abandoned. COVID seems to have put a financial squeeze on a lot of mairies sadly.

So we headed to the river and spent a few hours sat underneath the bridge with our feet in the water. Nice and cooling. The kids decided to put poor Dolly into the water, which I don’t think she appreciated. They kept her on the lead and she managed to swim. Afterwards she was shaking, probably with both cold and fright. We wrapped her up in a towel, then she had a lay down, stopped shaking then rested next to us on the ledge under the bridge.

Rémy and Emma did the usual brother/sister thing and wound each other up. We say toTaquiner in French. 

This morning we did a shopping list for our last week. Isa and Emma went off to the local Aldi, while I started backing up the photos/video from both my Samsung M31 and Nikon D3400. Weeding out duplicates and duds.

The idea is that I do a video slideshow of the vehicles I’ve taken pics of, for my YouTube channel. So filmed the intro earlier of me talking to camera (on my phone).

FIL is back from hospital now and Isa and her brothers have organised someone to stay with him overnight. It isn’t cheap. Apparently he has been rather naughty in “moving about” a lot. 

For an 89 year old, this is good news.

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