Voisin, aquacap and fisticuffs

Last night, Isa invited up Janick, the tenant from downstairs, for an apéro with us. He seems lovely and we had a chat about England and British cars. Turns out that he has owned several MG’s and some Morgans. He actually has a new Morgan on order. Wow! He’s no show off though, just passionate about old cars with his feet firmly on the ground. 

Another visit to Aquacap this morning as we end our last but one weekend in Brantôme. We arrived there at 11.30am, presented our passe sanitaire QR codes, this time round there was no need to present ID. Maybe they recognised us from last time?

As it is Sunday there were more people and at least this time round the weather was a lot warmer, so we could use the pool outside.

We got back after 2pm, so late lunch of left overs. Rillettes au poulet, melon, local bread, potato wedges, fish fingers then some fresh cheese. Weird meal.

As we ate, at the restaurant next door and below our terrasse, a woman wasn’t happy with the food. They have seats and tables out front on the car park and also on the river bank. So plenty of people passing by. The restaurant is owned by a very thin woman with 20’s style black hair. Her mother, who always hovers about, was getting nasty with the woman who had complained. Then the restaurant owner joined in. It got very ugly in a very French way. Lots of shouting. 

Customer : I’ll leave a bad review for you online.

Owner : I don’t give a toss about what you say about me online. Leave now!

Free entertainment… 🙂

Anyway… on a brighter note, these lovely cars were in the car park when we returned. Have been told the black one is a Peugeot 203. I knew the other is an MG A. Isa saw a 2CV and an original Renault 5 later on.

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