The road at the back here in Brantôme

The view from the back of FIL’s house is a lot different to that of the car park, river and park at the front. 

This road is the only exit from the car park, so we get noise from that. To the left is our bedroom, so sometimes you can hear people talking loudly in the early hours of the morning as they pass.

The “studio” apartment downstairs has the door that opens directly into the road.

We are lucky though, as this house is a nice quiet haven with life going on around it. I’ve got used to it now… It is at least peaceful outside before 11am and after about 7.30pm…

Our friends Coco, Manu and their daughter Célia (Emma’s twin) were driving down from the north west coast to spend the night with us. But we had a call to say their car had broken down. They are about 2 hours away at a garage near Saintes. So Isa and Emma have just gone off to go and get them.

I’ve been given instructions to finish cooking dinner for tonight and hang the washing out.

Am guessing they’ll arrive by 8pm or thereabouts… in time to eat…

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