Zoo Parc Beauval

As a surprise for the kids we decided to drop in on this well known zoo, here in France. A overnight stop at the cheap & cheerful Première Classe hotel in Tours. 

McDo last night which we ate at a nearby lake. It is our 4th visit to this hotel, so we know that lake.

Up at 7am, had a nice buffet “continental” breakfast. Bagged a table outside. 

Despite COVID there is a lot of normality here. They didn’t even as for our passe sanitaires when we arrived last night!

The Zoo was bonkers. Dogs not allowed so Isa found a kennel where we could leave Dolly for the few hours we were there. Took some nice animal pics, but so many people were there. Some masked up. Some not. Our passe sanitaire was checked at the car park across the road. But there was room for people to bypass it I’m sure.

So lots of walking up and down steep inclines. We left around 4.30pm and arrived home at 9. Car took us nearly 30 mins to unload. Isa is back at work tomorrow. Me, I’ll be with the kids putting everything away from our holidays. Will need to get back to painting the top coats on Mega Breadvans’ subframe as well soon.

Back to reality…

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