First cycle ride in 3 or 4 years

Before the holidays we took my Gitane bike to be recommissioned. Unfortunately we were not able to take our bikes with us, so this morning I decided to go out for a ride on the Gitane to the next village.

Rémy was supposed to come with me, but seemed distracted by his PC. Emma was still asleep. So I left a note for her and told Rémy to catch me up.

I’ve not ridden since the times I used a cycle trailer to run Emma to and from school, so I was a bit rusty. Since those times a cycle path has been built between here and the next village, so this was the first time I had used it.

In all a 4.5km round trip, which took me 20 minutes. With a few stops to take photos. I wasn’t aiming for speed, more intending not to fall off! At the entrance to Ballancourt (next village) they have a set of traffic lights that turn red if you are driving to fast. I thought that quite clever.

Realising I had gone, Rémy tried to ring me as I got to the bottom of our street on my return trip… Teenagers!

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