Annoying Mac Mini

…which I’m trying to set up as a server in the classroom  (dining room) with two external drives…

Unfortunately when I try and access files on the Mac from my Windows PC there are problems. Music files cut out when played on VLC. Yet play fine on Windows Media Player. Videos play fine on both. Big photo files take ages to open.

I have two Mac Minis and this is the older of the two. So I think I’ll try with the newer one. My BIL suggested putting in an ethernet cable to the router from the Mac, which is between the two.

Meanwhile I’ve ordered two USB cables for my printers because I couldn’t get them to talk over “wifi”.

Frustrating day.

I restart English lessons on Saturday with Anne. I also have another lesson on Monday. Plus I’ve had an enquiry from someone else. 

Meanwhile Emma will start college tomorrow for the first time and Rémy starts on Friday.

All go… 

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