…and another one goes…

Rémy’s turn today to start his new year at college in the 3eme. Emma had a day off.

He was due to get the bus at 1pm, which didn’t turn up. So he called his Maman in a bit of a panic. She rang her brother. So Rémy’s cousin ended up taking him to college. 

Then our friend Coco called as she wanted to leave Emma’s friend Célia with us, who still needs crutches to walk. 

Then Emma realised Rémy had left his bus pass in my office. So Coco offered to go and pick him up later on when he finished.

So this afternoon I mowed the lawn, including FIL’s. Dominique, SIL’s sister, is looking after him full time. We had a chat before I started. He isn’t eating or drinking. 

Tonight Isa is going to sleep at her Dad’s. 

Tomorrow morning I have a lesson, so I’ll have some work to do. Realised that the hard drives on my server are locked when I access it from my Windows 10 desktop in my office. Have now realised why.

Seems I’ve spent more time on sorting out naughty computer equipment and admin, than actually planning lessons.

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