Goodbye Michel

Isa spent the night with her Papa last night. Then came home for a shower around 6 am. I woke up for a short while.

Dominique did the same at FIL’s, so wasn’t in FIL’s room when Isa returned. Sadly she found he had already left us.

So we’ve told the kids as soon as they woke up this morning about their papy.

I’ve been busy getting my lesson ready for Anne, having decided not to cancel.

This is my small tribute to my FIL Michel. Who accepted this strange rosbif and who helped save my life 10 years ago. We had our moments but he was always very generous and patient. I will always remember both him and MIL for having supported me, even if sometimes I could be a complete idiot.

I am glad we saw each other on Sunday. He was happy.

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