A month ago today we were in Brantôme…

Seems so long ago! Not a lot of inspiration today, have used a Cameringo filter to alter this photo. Taken on the way to go and see MIL at the cemetery, ironically FIL will be going into the same tomb.

The funeral will be at the local church on Monday here in Fontenay, then the coffin will be transported on Wednesday to Brantôme, where he’ll be laid to rest.

I won’t be making the trip down.

Today I put away the rest of the shopping that Isa didn’t do yesterday, she was very tired. A difficult time for her, I can offer my support, but I feel like a bystander.

Have started to reformat my external drives to eFAT so that when I set up the server the Win10 PC will be able to use the files properly via the Mini Mac.

30C today… so the shutters were closed at 9 am. Makes it more bearable later on.

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