Dorsal fin

Someone posting a photo of the real thing on Twitter, made me share a photo of this model. Was part of the “Autobus du Monde” series of magazines. I collected quite a few, mainly directly from the publishers, as you didn’t see them available so often in les maisions de la presse.

Stormy day today. Kids have been exhausted this week at college. They seem to have done a fair bit of sport. Bit of a shock for Emma who has only just started there. It’ll be her 11th birthday soon. I hope she’ll be able to enjoy it, despite Papy not being there.

Thoughts are now on his funeral, which will be on Monday morning. Isa and most of her family will travel down to Brantôme for the burial on Wednesday. As the kids are staying here, that means that she’ll travel down with her eldest brother and his family. Lots of logistics involved.

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