Server messin’

Having been trying to set up an old Mini Mac as a server for my lessons and personal data, but I’ve decided to change things around. Had a brain wave. It happens, sometimes.

In fact I realised that in fact, I could perhaps use my laptop as a classroom machine and leave my main hard drives in the office (as I’ve done in the photo) rather than in the “classroom”. There is only a DVI outlet on my laptop, so not HDMI. Have ordered a DVI to HDMI converter. 

So now my laptop is networked to my desktop PC, both running Windows 10. Which means I have a spare Mini Mac… 

Meanwhile I’m trying our AOMEI back up software, so my external drives can back up automatically from one drive to another, but also to Amazon Drive online, which comes with our Prime subscription. In that case just documents and photos. Backing up video online would both be costly and slow…

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