Applying Mega Breadvan Youtube channel stickers | Aixam Mega Multitruck Van

In the end I decided not to do a Youtube video about this. So here are a few photos of when I applied one of my new personalised Youtube channel stickers to the windscreen of Mega Breadvan.

The 3 stickers were ordered from a Swiss company called Kovaprint. Reasonably priced and so far seem to be a good quality product. Quick turnaround too…
As I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing with the bodywork on the van, I decided to apply one of the stickers to the windscreen. From Amazon I had bought a set of squeegees, intended for something else. One of these was ideal for rubbing down on the decal sheet to apply the sticker.
Needless to say the windscreen was cleaned well before I started.

After checking where the window wiper went, it was quickly realised that I wouldn’t be able to put my sticker in the middle top of the windscreen. The edge of the wiper blade hits the very top of the screen. So I opted to apply my Youtube channel sticker on the French nearside of my van.

As you can see, the red stands out very well… despite the sticker only being 29 cm across. Below you can see a video showing where the wiper goes on the windscreen.

I have another 2 stickers left, one of which will go on the rear doors – which I need to renovate first. My plan is to paint the hinges (which are currently bare metal) black, replace the stop rubbers and perhaps spray clear varnish onto the doors. Will also perhaps add some rubber protection strips. This job is a way off yet… the front end still needs a lot of attention!

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