1968 – 60’s cars at Listers & Co, Attleborough, Nuneaton

Going through some of my Dad’s slides, I came across this one, taken in Nuneaton. At the time he was working as a pattern maker, from what I know, to make moulds for car components.

I think these slides were taken next to the factory where he worked. The Ford Anglia belonged to his workmate and in the background you can see my Dad’s HA Vauxhall Viva – the reg was 300 MOM.
This car belonged to his Dad, who had passed away in 1967 – this sad event helps me to date the photo.

By then his Mum had moved to Netherley Road, Hinckley and I assume that my Dad and my Mum followed – to live with her. Later on my parents bought a house in the same street, where I spent my early childhood. My Grandma, was down the street, but I didn’t know that until later. She died in 1971 when I was a toddler.

Recent research tells me that the photo was taken in Attleborough, a suburb of Nuneaton. In the background is the Lister & Co Mill/Factory. Which was demolished not long after. Not sure which building my Dad worked in exactly and since then, this area has been flattened – now full of more modern industrial units.

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