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“Aside from making cringeworthy videos on Youtube about Mega Breadvan, I am also a part-time English tutor and transport photographer. Neither of these are going to make me rich, but that’s OK! If I can look after my family, then I’ll be a happy bunny.

Aside from being able to buy nice French food, there are hidden costs to meet. Like hosting and domain fees for my 3 sites, as well as computer bits/software/equipment to edit my videos and photos – and ensure they can be shared with you all.

Of course a simple like or subscription is a cheap and very welcome way to support what I do, but a small donation can also go a long way. If anything it’ll keep my daughter in pots of Nutella and my son in bottles of Yop! – a French yoghurt drink if you don’t know of it!”

“Thanks so much for your continued support and help from our little bit of France, where the East Midlands accent is still spoken, me duck. You will find a number of different ways to assist me on this page”.


Another way to supply me with pain au chocolats is via PAYPAL…

If you are looking for a really good and CHEAPER alternative to FLICKR then you’ll find that Piwigo is really easy to use, comes with some great plugins and unlimited capacity.
Give it a try FREE for 30 days and get this…


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Check out my own Piwigo photo site HERE.

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